Using the program will tell you more about what these people are than any résumé possibly can.
Instead, get an insight of who they are.

Ilona Tkacheva

CFO / Head of Russian Students Department

Synergistically foster extensive technologies via extensible quality vectors. Synergistically unleash client-centric niche markets.

Niki Paschalidou

CEO / Founder

Niki has been at the forefront of English language teaching for 27 years, and being a non-native speaker herself, she knows inside out all the problems students face. She dreamt of taking English out of the classroom and making it a commodity accessible to practically everyone in the world, so in 2014 she founded English SUPERFAST. The company has grown a lot since, but Niki is still the person behind the scenes (and often in front, too)

Theodore Chaikalis

CTO / Lead Software Engineer

If English SUPERFAST were the Game of Thrones, Theodore would be the King's Hand. He has a say on everything and his watchful eye leaves no detail go unnoticed. But he could have been a wizard, too, because no matter how impossible the task, he has a way of making it happen.

Yosef Elsafouri

Arab Students Department Manager

Reserved, self-disciplined, meticulous and hard-driven, Yosef is the heart and soul of the Arab Students department - he only lets go when it comes to falafel.

Li Chenggui

Chinese Students Department Manager

Mr. Chenggui is an asset for the company. An intellectual and a poet, he has built and he is running the Chinese Students department all on his own.

Christine Clayton

Sales & Marketing

"Iron hand in a velvet glove" could very likely be an expression coined for Christine. English SUPERFAST owes much of its sucess to this classy and fragile lady.

Arthur Bertrand

Creative Director

Much of the innovation our program carries definitely lies on the power of image. Artur is therefore a cornerstone of our company, as well as someone very fun to spend time with.


Our battle-hardened instructors are not soldiers but Generals, as each of them has an army of students to manage every day.
We thank them all.

Jonathan Wong

Head of Staff
Bilingual Instructor

John Haytham


Sarah Fox


Sean O'Malley


Julie Briggs


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